Issues and positions

Current Issues

Gun Violence in Schools - There is a lot of discussion on what to do about the problem of random school shootings, but I hear no one addressing the real problem, and that is that in 1961 prayer and bible reading in public schools was removed and made illegal , reversing nearly 200 years of precedence. Take a look for yourself and see the tremendous uptick in random violence since that time, where for nearly 200 years of US history we had less than one random mass shooting every decade, to now we have several per year. It is merely chance that violence has increased, and until we allow God back into our formal public life, no amount of regulation of arming ourselves will cure this problem.

Arbortion – Should we really be surprised that our kids are killing each other, when for decades we have been allowing the murder of nearly one million unborn per year.  If one looks, you will notice that nearly every great evil that has come on this country has come by ruling of the supreme court. Something must be done to check this unchecked power, and that will probably mean some kind of a constitutional amendment. Abortion needs to be made illegal, except in rare and unusual circumstances. Hitler killed approximately 15 million in his death camps. America is at over 45 million, with over 1 million new deaths each year. Abortion is the American Holocaust. Those who look at and referred to Nazi Germany with disdain have no ethic right to if they support the American Holocaust.

Gay marriage & LGBT – Once again we have the Supreme Evil to thank for homosexual marriage, however I have a different take in that we people of faith are missing the ball. The real issue is the destruction of the family and morality and the ease of divorce. In the 30's the divorce rate was less than 20%, in the teens. Slowly it grew due to no fault divorce. We need to strengthen the family and make divorce rare again, and get back to true biblical morality where sex is for procreation, with pleasure being secondary.

Gambling – Casino's presently prey on the uncontrolled and foolish desires of others. We need a government database and rules controlling how much each individual gambles every month, only in this way can we keep the foolish and weak safe.

Federalization of Banking – This is a complicated subject but I am going to try to summerize it quickly. Banks create money when the create loans, by a simple accounting function, but then collect interest on money that borrowers work hard to create. The federal government is tasked with coining money and creating the nations money supply. If the federal government would create the money supply for loans, and collect interest on the loans that it created, it would greatly reduce our tax burden. Plus public works projects could be funded with newly created money. We are in bondage to banks and we don't have to be. This is the magic bullet to our financial problems. 

Water for the World -The UN has been around over 70 years but still nearly 1 billion people do not have clean fresh drinking water. At $4,800 per well, serving 1,000 people, it would cost about 5 billion to dig wells for everyone in the world. 5 billion is about the UN's annual operation  budget. We provide the UN about 1.25 billion per year. If we used that money to dig wells, no one on earth would have to drink contaiminated water and get diseased. This must be solved.

I think we are pretty well screwed in this country. There are still many good people but I don't see us coming back, however I am ever hopeful  and still  praying, and I will be until the end.