Introduction - Our main reason for being

250 years ago, most people were peasants, working farmlands.  The first industrial revolution was just beginning. Population was constrained by food production, and a poor harvest could lead to famine which would eliminate large percentages of the population  Most people who were craftsmen worked from home.

The onsite of the industrial revolution brought innovations in farming techniques that alleviated some of the need for agricultural labor and allowed persons to be able to be employed in mass production. This kicked off an unprecedented change in society that saw the rise of nationalism, universal male suffrage, the idea of basic human rights, and the need for complex government regulation.  Idea's that were never considered due to impracticality or lack of necessity were considered.     

Through this unprecedented change, mankind still has one constant.  We are all born, live, and die.  Some live longer, and some live shorter, but we all die.  While we may live well in this life, or we may live poorly, we all go to the grave.  I submit there is no more important thing that is decided in life, rather you are among the few privileged rich, or among the many poor then where one spends eternity.  In the end of your days, it is the only thing that matters.  Jon Kitna, former Detroit Lions quarterback said "he who has he most toys when he dies is dead"  A truer saying has never been spoken.     

There is one man who came to Earth, died, and conquered death by rising again from the grave.  That man is Christ Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, and whose resurrection we celebrate at Easter.  It is through his resurrection that we can have eternal life.  That we can know where we will go when we die.  The only thing that truly matters in this life is where we stand with Jesus.  To know him is life, to not know him in death.     

The explanation for why we need Jesus is simple.  It begins at sometime after creation in the Garden of Eden.  The first man and the first woman disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit, and this ate upon themselves and their offspring God's judgement.   

Mankind needed a redeemer, someone without fault who could take mankinds punishment upon himself so that we can be not estranged from God.  God did this by sending his sinless son Jesus to die for the sins of the world.  He lived a perfect life without sin as he was born of the father.  He took the sins of everyone in the world upon himself when he did on the cross, so that everyone who puts through trust in his death as payment for their sins will be forgiven, because the death they deserve was paid by Jesus through his own death.     

The Jesus that I speak of is not dead, he is alive.  If you are skeptical of these claims I don't blame you, but the good thing is there is a living Jesus out there right now who will reveal himself to anyone who truly would like to know him.  If you are skeptical simply ask him to reveal himself to you, and then act upon the results.  

I am going to speak about some other issues in this site. It's my goal to provide answers to many issues we face, but the guiding principal of my life is the lordship of Jesus.  He is my king.  I am a Christian first before I am an American.   

We in America are used to a Republic where everyone voice is considered.  This makes it somewhat difficult I think for persons to act God's word as absolute.  However God's word is law.  He is sovereign and it is not challengeable.  For many years the he church and Christians in general approved of a monarchy, because that is the form of government most like heaven.  Unfortunately no earthly monarch could be as wise, loving, and just as Almighty God, so to save ourselves from tyranny we have established constitutionally limited republics.  Heaven though will be a monarchy.