Candidiates I Support in the 2018 Republican Primary


I ran in 2016 for the Republican nomination for State Rep. I did not run again in 2018 and am not planning to run for it in 2020.  I am however supporting certain candidates in their run for office. My support is not given easily, and normally only to believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, when  it comes  to political candidates one is often  choosing  between the least bad candidate

Donald J Trump for President – Has there ever been a President who was a better friend to Christians than President Trump. This one is easy.

Paul Mitchell for US Congress 10th District - I was a doubter at first, It seemed to me that Paul was buying the posiion, butthe Congressmen in my opinion has done a very good job representing conservatives. He and his office do a great job of following up on inquires, better than any representative I have ever dealt with. This was a promise he made in 2016, and I would say promise kept. I assume he will run in 2020.

Steve Marino for State Rep 24th District - Not a huge fan as he's never answered my correspondance. However he's endorsed by Right to Life,. and seems to be doing  a reasonable job. I assume he will run again in 2020.

That's all I have so far. I will add others as they come up. 

I have some respect for Leon Drolet the Macomb Township County Commisioner, he led the fight against a bond proposal for the schools which would have increased our taxes. For this I am gratefully, though this did make our schools sightly less secure, but given his general opinions and positions I have read on any issues of faith, I can not support him.