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For My Sons

A book where I have compiled my lifes wisdom for my kids. Click the daryl's books link to get to it.


Smokin a Joint

This was a strange and somewhat hard book to write. It is an auto biography of my life shortly before I got serious about being a christian. I am the villian of my own book, but it's some lifes lessons most for young people, perhaps they can see my mistakes and not repeat them.


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My Nightmare in the Jungle

Self-defense expert and missionary Jen Bradley is out of her element when she and her pilot crash land in the jungle on a mission to bring medicine to a remote village to stop a Typhoid epidemic. Dangers abound as the two must dodge fierce unntouched tribe to save the village.


Murder in the Amazon

A continuation of My Nightmare in the Jungle. John and Jen settle into a new home in the dangerous tribal village of Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, when Jen is accused of murder, and John and Charlene must solve the crime. 


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The Coming Wave: Violence in American Schools and Other Issues

One Christian's analysis on violence in American schools, it's roots and causes, and the solution. This is a fresh and somewhat unique analysis, with no holds barred. If you are a Christian and want to know why school violence is occurring, this book is for you.


The Other Candidate: Talking Jesus and Politics Together

In 2009 I heard a congressmen say about the health care bill "We have to pass it to see what's in it." This most crazy statement led me in 2010 to run for state rep., which I did as a US taxpayers Party candidate.. Find out my experiences in this book.


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Peril in Colombia

Newly married Nancy Davis and her husband Shane move to Colombia to continue their Mission work. They soon both find themselves in more danger than they ever imagined, with murderous Marxist Guerrillas, who threaten anyone with an ideology other than theirs.


An Enemy Unseen

This is a short story about a blind woman who comes faces to face with the man who blinded her. It is a good sampling of some of my fiction, and takes place in September 2018 in Dearborn, MI.


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Fact of the Month (April)

27 states have called for a US Constitution Article V convention for a balanced budget amendment.  By the constitution Congress must call for a convention if  34 states call for one.  13 states have called for a broader convention on limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  Another recent petition is a convention on an amendment to end corporate personhood.  49 of the 50 states have at some point asked for an article 5 convention, with Hawaii being the only exception.